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Cheddar Waggers

Cheddar Waggers
Cheddar Waggers
Price: $6.99
Someone said cheese? Now we are getting some serious wags and drool. These all natural doggie Cheddar crackers baked with aromatic 100% real cheese and garlic are tail-wagging good and drool-proven. Because they look so appetizing with those melted cheddar cheese, you might want to stash them away for your doggie before your human friends see them. Treats are baked with wholesome olive oil. Olive oil is good for shiny smooth coat. Cute, yummy and attractive gift treats for the special pooch who wants to watch her sugar intake or the dog lover in your life.

No salt, no sugar, no added chemical preservatives, no fillers, no artificial coloring and no artificial flavor. Hand made from scratch.

Treats are approximately 2" long, 1 1/4" wide and 1/8" thick each.

For Small to Large Dog.

Description and Picture proved by Jackboy Bakery Corona, CA